7 Habits to Become More Creative

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Increase Your Creativity With These Habits

Being creative is something that all of us who live from imagination should be, whether as screenwriters or in any other job related to the world of ideas.

But to reach a permanent state of creativity you have to work hard. There are few cases of geniuses who achieve it without effort.

The pursuit of creativity should be a way of life, not just a specific resource associated with work.

Just as it happens when we start to exercise and eat healthy, to see the results of our effort we must dedicate a lot to creating habits and being able to develop them better.

And some of these habits, which you can read below, will help you to be more creative.

1. Play mind games

Fill in crossword puzzles, do sudoku, play chess, watch mental agility competitions on television, try to guess riddles, certain board, and strategy games (like chess), etc.

These are games that pose complicated problems and invite the brain to find the most original and therefore creative solutions.

2. Practice sports regularly

Staying in shape, in addition to being healthy, preventing some diseases, and taking care of your figure, stimulates your creativity.

Physical activity increases the flow of histamines that function as neurotransmitters in the brain and improves oxygen delivery to brain tissues.

You can dedicate yourself, especially to outdoor activities such as running, walking, or cycling, as they allow you to clear your mind and connect with your creative side.

It's no wonder so many people come up with the best ideas while practicing their fitness routine.

3. Get a small notebook

Wherever you are, whether at night in a disco or on top of a mountain, it never hurts to carry a notebook where you can write down everything that comes to mind, or even draw.

While it is true that inspiration is best to catch you working, great ideas can also come at any time. And, easy as they come, easy as they go, so you better write them down.

If you don't like to write by hand or are a bit forgetful about this kind of thing, you can always replace the physical notebook with an app or notepad on your phone so that your notes are always with you.

4. Read books

An excellent habit to be more creative is to stimulate the brain through reading.

Try not only to read the news or reports from the office but also to look for fiction, crime, mystery or romantic books, great classics... The genre you prefer!

The important thing is that you read to let your imagination fly, get inspired, and make your mind work a little harder.

5. Get away from the cell phone

Although it is important to be aware of what is happening in the world, the truth is that spending all day in front of a computer or cell phone screen is not good for creativity, quite the opposite.

That illuminated square or rectangle that tires the eyes also saturates us with so much information and does not allow us to think on our own.

Therefore, try not to abuse the time you spend in front of electronic devices, screens, etc.

6. Surround yourself with creatives

Being open is essential in jobs where creativity is the daily bread. And since the environment influences us so much, it is essential to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you and not those who stop you.

Get inspired by their life examples, look for something among their experiences, and analyze how these people brought out all their creativity.

They can even give advice on techniques to be creative. Don't forget that being in an inventive environment will make you more inventive.

7. Get out of your comfort zone

Falling into a routine and doing the exact same thing every day will not only be boring, but it will also not stimulate your creativity.

It is much more stimulating and, above all, it will improve your creativity, that you propose challenges, big or small.

Try to do things you've never done, find new hobbies, and learn to do something new, creativity needs constant challenges.

Leaving your comfort zone can be difficult, but we guarantee that it will help you boost your creativity, which is much more rewarding.

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