7 Common Mistaken Beliefs That Limit You

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Common Mistaken Beliefs That You Must Change

Our beliefs are among the most powerful forces in our lives.

They can shade or color our perception of how we see the world and motivate us to act in a certain way.

Sometimes they prevent us from acting when we should.

While many beliefs have the power to change our lives for the better, many of us have toxic beliefs that we hold onto tightly, beliefs that we have even learned are positive and healthy.

Sometimes we are not even aware of these pernicious assumptions and values, but they are shaping our daily lives in unhealthy ways. They keep us from reaching our potential and keep us from finding our happiness.

Here are seven misconceptions you need to put aside now in order to be a happier person.

1. History always repeats itself

It is understandable to assume that what you have experienced in the past is indicative of what you can expect in the future.

Recognizing data and interpreting it is one of the basic gifts of human intelligence that helps us avoid repeating mistakes.

But we often misinterpret the data. We take it out of context and allow our emotions to cloud our perception. We don't expect the good times to repeat themselves, but we do expect the worst times to come back like a bad coin.

This is also a toxic belief when it comes to our relationships. How often do you find yourself repeating the same problems over and over again with a girlfriend or boyfriend, spouse or friend?

Often it's because we enter dates expecting history to repeat itself. Thus we create a self-fulfilling prophecy, reliving the dramas of our past.

2. "I am too different to fit in"

How many times in your life do you avoid sharing your gifts because you are convinced that you are too different to fit in and nobody wants them?

This could be another thing where you feel like the past will reflect the future. Perhaps someone has not accepted you in the past at home, school, or work. But that doesn't mean that no one accepts you now.

It may be different, but there may be a community waiting for you to add your uniqueness. You never know until you try. And if you do, you might be the first to start welcoming others who feel very different.

3. "I don't deserve happiness"

Just as many of us internalize the feeling that we are too different to be loved, some of us also internalize the belief that we don't deserve love or happiness.

But if someone told you that you don't deserve happiness, no matter what the reason or who it is.... and they are wrong.

You are a special and wonderful person who has a lot to give to others. If you are true to yourself and live from your heart, you deserve to be loved for who you are.

4. Jealousy means my relationship is strong

We all experience at least an occasional bout of jealousy; Jealousy is the fear of losing something because of what someone else has.

And for many of us, it's based on past experiences. But our culture tells us that jealousy is good, that it is a sign that a relationship has a strong core; otherwise, she wouldn't feel as passionate about losing someone.

In reality, however, jealousy is a toxic belief that gets its fuel not from the strength of a relationship, but from our own insecurities and weaknesses. Worse still, it can lead to real damage in a relationship.

If you are afraid of losing someone, it is a good idea to ask yourself why. Sometimes there is a real problem in the relationship that you have to face.

Other times, you just have to face the other toxic belief that you are unlovable. Either way, trust is what makes your relationship stronger, not fear of loss.

5. Criticism is always personal

It's hard to accept criticism, whether it's from a loved one or a stranger. When someone criticizes us, it's very easy to get defensive. This is because many of us deeply believe that criticism is always personal.

Often, however, the criticism actually has nothing to do with us. Sometimes the people who criticize us are actually pointing out their own failings. In many cases, there is a transfer.

Your boss had a bad day, so he says you're a terrible employee. Your partner freaks out about something you said or did because their last boyfriend said or did something similar, without your good intentions.

You never know why someone is really criticizing you or when that person is having a hard time. If you can avoid taking it personally, you can prevent the situation from getting out of hand. It also keeps you from constantly questioning your own worth!

6. Vulnerability is a weakness

This toxic belief stems from the fear that if we show who we really are and go out into the world with our hearts open and exposed, we will be attacked, condemned, or even destroyed.

However, there is a chance that it is too strong.

When we refuse to be vulnerable, we exclude ourselves from being loved for who we really are. As long as we keep our walls up, we will keep our loved ones at bay. And when we do that, we can never find true happiness.

7. "I'm Alone"

When the ground drops out from under you and you feel like you are in free fall, it can also feel like you are alone in your struggles. Sometimes that's true, sometimes you really are alone.

But you are often less alone than you feel. You never know who can help you. Sometimes even a stranger can give him exactly what he needs to take the next step and begin to improve his situation. Stop isolating yourself by thinking it's impossible! Get in touch with others. You'll be surprised who's coming back.

When you let go of these toxic beliefs that keep you from love and happiness, you can replace them with healthier beliefs that can help you repair the damage to your heart.

Then you can move towards a better future!

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