What is the Law of Polarity and How to Apply It

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Understanding and Applying the Law of Polarity

The Law of Polarity tells us that everything that exists in the universe has an equal and exact opposite.

Two extremes of the same nature, different only to a certain degree, and one cannot exist without the other.

According to this law of the universe, everything is based on duality.

The law of polarity is present in thousands of things around us:

  • Good and evil
  • Night and day
  • Light and darkness
  • Left and right
  • Love and hate
  • Black and white, among many more

This is one of the most important laws to know because it can open up a world of possibilities when you understand it. We invite you to continue reading to learn more about it.

How does the law of polarity work?

The law of polarity is also known as the law of the opposite or the law of duality, the same law with different names, tells us that everything has an equal and exact opposite, two parts within a whole.

The fact that they are the same means that they appear as opposites, when in fact they are only extremes of the same thing, there may be two sides to a coin, but there is only one coin.

In the same situation, both sides are present, a negative side or a positive side. Remember that whatever happens, if what happens is negative, it must also have a positive side.

Accurate means that if there is a long way to the top of a building, there must be a long way to the bottom. If there is a kilometer from point A to point B, there must be a kilometer from point B to point A. They are not just opposites, they are equal, exact, and opposite.

How to apply the law of polarity?

Once you understand that there are two opposite poles in everything and learn to see both sides in every situation, you will be able to consciously decide which side to try.

Now, learning to use the law of polarity is essential, since, despite knowing the concept, it is not always used correctly.

For example, hot and cold may seem opposite at first glance. But in fact, they are just different degrees of temperature. If you are cold, you don't focus on the cold to solve the problem, the solution is to produce heat because cold is the absence of heat.

The secret is not to focus on what is happening (the negative), you have to see the opposite side and work in that direction.

If you live in poverty and want to get out of it, you don't focus on studying poverty or investigating the causes, on the contrary, you focus on how to generate wealth.

Winston Churchill was referring to the use of the law of polarity, in a spectrum where you have difficulties at one end and at another opportunity, the person, knowing or not knowing the law of polarity, is the one who decides which side to stay on.

It is important to understand that when you are for something, you must be against something.

Uses of the law of polarity

Most people seem to be mentally programmed to pay attention to the negative side of life and ignore the positive side. They focus on the problem instead of the solution.

As human beings, we have a natural tendency to go to one of the extremes, the extreme that requires the least effort. For example, most people prefer laziness to hard work tasks.

As a general rule, the masses by nature go to the negative side, the law of opposites or the law of polarity suggests that the only way to achieve success is to follow a different path than those masses.

If you want to use the law of polarity for greater well-being, you must go against the norm, and under this principle, you can:

  • Do the unpopular and irrational
  • Break out of the mold
  • Think different
  • Take the road less traveled

This law explains that the only way to achieve the success you want to create is to walk a different path than the masses. Simply put, do the opposite of the average person.

Another use that you can give to the law of polarity is to use it to discover what you really want. Most people don't know what they want out of life. Take a test. Ask three friends how they see themselves a year from now, chances are they don't know.

If you have doubts or simply do not know what you want, make a list of everything you do NOT want, and using the opposite law you will discover what you really want.

And when you focus on what you want, you will begin to analyze your opportunities to create it.

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