This is Why You Shouldn't Work from Bed

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6 Reasons Why Working from Bed is a Bad Idea

The bed is definitely not the best place to increase your productivity.

Working in bed seems like a dream to many, but is it really? Technology has led people to perform activities that previously seemed impossible. Some examples of this are working from home and even using the computer in the bedroom.

But there are a number of pretty big reasons why this isn't a good idea. If done daily, it can have long-term physical and psychological consequences.

It is not about condemning the fact of carrying out certain tasks with the computer in the living room, but about becoming aware of the effects that this can cause.

That's why we want to share 6 disadvantages of exercising in bed.

Lower back pain from working in bed

One of the first effects that can be observed when activities are carried out in bed is pain in the lower back. Although at first glance it seems like a comfortable position if you stay in the same position for a long time, there will be problems in this region.

Regarding ergonomics at the work level, it is advisable to work at a desk. The reason for this is that they are furniture designed so that you can support your arms, legs, and back correctly.

If you spend all your time lying down or sitting in bed, you tend to round your back. This causes muscular tension to be generated in the lumbar and cervical regions.

Added to this, there may be numbness in the legs as a result of inadequate blood circulation.

Generalized back pain

This point is linked to the previous one. As the back is not supported properly when sitting up in bed, it is normal for the body to gradually bend over time.

At first, it is an almost imperceptible movement, but when you spend several hours in the same position, the risks of generalized back pain increase.

In the case of the desk chairs, they were designed with well-being in mind. So the ideal is to sit on this type of furniture. If at any time you feel discomfort, you can put a pillow behind your back.

Your sleep and rest cycle is disrupted

The use of the computer has become essential in modern life, which has led people to move to spaces related to rest. This is the case of use in bed.

The room in general should be a space to replenish the energies that have been spent throughout the day. The moment you incorporate this equipment into that area, you take away your relaxation levels.

Mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones emit rays that not only affect your retina. They also disrupt your physiological sleep cycle, causing insomnia.

Possible problems with your partner

From the point of view of relationships, the constant use of the computer in bed can be the cause of relationship problems.

For some, the presence of electronic equipment in the bedroom causes difficulty sleeping due to glare from the screen. Added to this is the loss of communication.

As one spouse gets used to working in bed, quality time with the other may be reduced. Therefore, to avoid problems with your partner, it is best to use the computer only when absolutely necessary.

Decreases your productivity

Working in bed greatly increases the chances of poor sleep and back pain, all of which can compromise your performance.

In turn, it is an unprofessional space, which can also make you fall into inactivity.

Of being more tempted to look online for a nap now and then, since you may not have changed out of your pajamas.

Reduced mattress life

In addition to all the disadvantages that we have mentioned, the reduction in the life of the mattress cannot be overlooked. In case you want to be productive and fulfill the tasks assigned at work, doing it in bed is not the most flattering option.

Mattresses are not designed to be used for that long. Its useful life depends on several factors, but an approximate time for it to maintain its properties and be healthy is a maximum of 10 years.

In general, a person must spend a third of the 24 hours of the day in bed. But if the exposure is greater, say double, this period will be reduced to two and a half years.

Problems with your computer

Have you ever left your computer on in bed? It's a mistake. We are already used to mobile phones being left on any surface without any problem.

However, in the case of computers, it is different. These devices include a fan system for their hardware and more complex cooling components. When placed on surfaces such as a bed, sofa, or blanket, the ventilation holes may become clogged.

As expected, if the ventilation openings are blocked, the internal temperature cannot be expelled. It is essential to take it into account since it causes serious problems for your device.

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