The 6 Best Team-Building Strategies

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6 Team Building Strategies

Team Building is one of the most popular techniques in the business world, and for several decades it has become one of the most useful resources used by Human Resources and many Organizational Psychology professionals.

In addition to seeming simple leisure activities.

They represent a fundamental element when it comes to establishing commitments and alliances that go beyond the punctual celebration of these sessions, and that help to detect interpersonal and intergroup problems.

To make it easier to understand the value of this type of activity, we are going to review here some of the most used Team Building strategies in the business world.

What is team building?

In summary, Team Building is a technique used to promote the spirit of teamwork and collaborative work skills among the workers of any company or organization that needs to improve these skills in its workforce.

However, more than helping to develop technical skills directly related to the role of each person.

Team Building aims to reinforce soft skills related to the mastery of social skills and communication with others.

Its main objective is to strengthen the ties between workers to create teamwork dynamics that provide feedback and maintain themselves; In addition, it also helps to detect conflicts where they exist.

Thus, Team Building is mainly responsible for improving teamwork, but it also works on many other skills and abilities of workers, with special emphasis on their ability to relate positively to each other.

Top Team Building Strategies

Being a recently created and constantly evolving resource, Team Building can be applied in various ways and adapted to the specific needs and characteristics of each company.

However, even if they are recreational or even relatively improvised activities, training or Human Resources professionals are always involved, streamlining these activities to focus them on meeting the objectives set by the HR department.

That said, let's see what are the most used Team Building strategies.

Escape Room

Escape Rooms are very fashionable activities around the world and are practiced both by people who want to have fun and have a good time and by companies that want to test the deductive skills of their employees.

Now, in the context of Team Building, this activity is more than entertainment.

This type of activity related to Team Building consists of a room from which you have to escape at a certain time thanks to solving various clues and puzzles.

A group of people participates in these tests, which may be larger or smaller at the discretion of the company.

Collective sports activities

There are many sports activities that can be carried out as Team Building strategies and, if carried out properly, help to promote motivation, the feeling of belonging to the group, and the ability to communicate and lead.

Organized interpretation

There are a wide variety of games that can be played to improve the teamwork skills of employees, such as trust games, treasure hunts, team board games or role-playing games, and classic role-playing games.

Cultural activities based on creativity

Cultural activities can also be the most fun and entertaining for any team of workers in a company.

In these cases, artistic creation teams or deduction games can be done in cultural settings, such as the old neighborhoods of the city where we live or other cities.

Technological activities

Technological activities test the skills of workers when it comes to relating to technology and competing with other colleagues. They have the disadvantage of requiring a certain level of technical skills in a specific technological or engineering field.

In this section, it is common for teams to develop robots, video games, or augmented reality resources, setting a time limit and establishing rules.

Gastronomic activities

Food activities are also a great way to share experiences with coworkers while having fun.

These types of activities consist of group wine tastings, blindfolded dinners, cooking courses, and even competitive team cooking days.

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