The 4 Laws of Attraction in Relationships

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Get to Know The 4 Laws of Attraction for Love

The laws of attraction in relationships tell us that how we find that special someone isn't always due to mere chance.

There are small clues, connectors, and spaces of complicity that lead us to feel attracted to a certain person; clues where the biological, the social, the emotional, and even the unconscious lead to what we know as love.

If there's one thing psychological science has always tried to understand, it's the mystery of human attraction.

If we limit ourselves to explaining passion and attraction through the already classic mechanisms of hormones, neurotransmitters, and other chemical universes, we would assume a somewhat reductionist perspective.

Because, in a way, we all have the feeling that there is 'something else.

For this reason, it is common to resort to a series of laws that, from each of their perspectives, provide us with a discourse, an origin, and a definition of the mystery of human attraction. Let's analyze this in detail.

1. The law of personality

There are ways of being, expressing yourself, and behaving that attract people and this is an undeniable principle. As they say, personality goes beyond the physical, and many times there are profiles that captivate for various reasons.

Intelligence, closeness, the art of knowing how to connect through dialogue, warmth, that ingenuity that marks us and challenges us mentally... All this makes up a profession capable of making you fall in love.

2. Law of Proximity

Within the laws of attraction in relationships, this may seem the simplest, but it is no less true. Human beings share common spaces for many hours a day: university, work, gyms, community buildings, etc.

Many people end up starting relationships after years of being, for example, classmates or coworkers. Thus, according to this principle, it is common for us to end up choosing a partner among people close to us on a day-to-day basis.

3. The law of similarity

Is it true that opposites attract? Yes, sometimes it happens. Now science tells us that the most common thing, what happens much more frequently, is that we are attracted to those people with whom we share common hobbies.

That is why it is always comforting to find someone who shares these unique passions with us, who agrees with our values and harmonizes with many of our goals, dreams, and desires.

4. Law of physical appearance

We know that within the laws of attraction in relationships, physical appearance is usually a key element. However, there is one nuance that is worth considering.

In most cases, we clearly focus on people who are easy on the eyes, but at the same time, almost without realizing it, these men and women often have characteristics similar to ours. There is something familiar.

In other words, although there are many couples with physical differences (one of the members can be very tall and the other very short, one very attractive and the other much less attractive, one of one race and another of another, etc.), medium term, there is generally some homogeneity.

According to this theory, we look for or end up attracted to that person with a family component, someone who somehow harmonizes with us.

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