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8 Lessons for When You're Feeling Frustrated

The problem with frustration is that it can paralyze anyone, but it can be hard to pinpoint exactly where it's coming from.

Before we start, we need to ask what really is frustration. If we ask the dictionary, it tells us that it is the feeling of being upset or upset about not being able to change or achieve something.

This doesn't really give us a very detailed explanation of our frustration, so how can we solve this problem?

The reason behind your frustration can be complicated, but we've looked at different but common reasons for frustration because once the source is found, you can get back on track.

1. Make your failure a lesson

Failure has a way of changing our mindset to a sense of lack. It is normal to feel frustrated by a failure. We often find ourselves with one failure after another, which understandably leads to frustration.

Rather than view this as a failure, you should note when Thomas Edison said:

"I didn't fail... I found 1000 ways not to fail."

We challenge ourselves every day with things small and big, but even if we don't succeed, we can learn from it.

By changing your perspective on failure, you can turn an obstacle into an opportunity.

Failure can range from frustration to stronger willpower, but it all starts with seeing it as the beginning instead of the end.

2. Focus on today

Today, anxiety is one of the most common mental health disorders experienced by young people.

While anxiety cannot be explained or simplified by just one thing, the pressure to create the right future and the perfect life is known to put new and greater pressure on the next generation.

While it's important to create and plan for the future, you shouldn't let the frustration of not knowing what's coming to get you down.

It can overwhelm anyone with stress about tomorrow, next year, and ten years from now.

Instead of constantly focusing on what's next, you should focus on today. Today is the only day you have. You can't go back and you can't take control any other day.

Take a moment to breathe and take advantage of the opportunities you have today. If you've been putting something off, do it today.

If you haven't had fun in a while because you're too frustrated and focused on tomorrow's problems, seize the day and have fun. Today is the only day you have real control over.

3. Stop comparing yourself to others

We live in a competitive world, which is not exactly breaking news, but after the rise of social networks, we add fuel to the fire.

Twenty years ago, we would look at our neighbor's new car or picket fence and compare it to our own. Today, we compare ourselves to celebrities, former classmates, and strangers on social media.

Once we connect, we have instant access to other people's lives. While it may seem like a free entertainment magazine, it's important to remember that, just like magazines, it's a blurry reality.

At this point, most of us know we're dealing with a filtered reality, but we're still feeling competitive and frustrated by little things like a lack of likes.

Unplug for a week or two. Obviously, we live in a world where we cannot remove our phones from our lives. We still need to keep in touch with our family, friends, and work, but you can remove all social media apps from your phone.

A break from online chat might be just what you need to get back on track and feel good again.

It can be hard at first, as we're programmed based on habit, but after a few days go by without constantly scanning your phone for bright red likes and notifications, you'll feel better and may stop using it.

4. You are stuck in a rut, get out of it

The problem with getting stuck in a rut is that almost everyone misses it, but it's hard to say where our frustration comes from.

It doesn't really matter what kind of life you're living. In the end, we all get bored doing the same thing over and over again.

It can be tricky because you can be perfectly happy with your life and still feel stuck in a rut.

Daily routines are what keep us going, but they are also what ultimately slow us down and wear us out.

This doesn't mean you should quit your job, leave your family, and buy a one-way ticket to some faraway place right away.

Frustration can be put aside by adding something new to your life or by letting go of something that no longer makes sense to you.

Try to do something that you always wanted to do but feel like you can't, because the reality is that you can.

5. Appreciate what you have

Most human beings are programmed to always seek improvement. How can we improve our relationships, work, and ourselves? Sometimes we focus so much on what we lack that we lose sight of what we have.

It's okay to try harder and let the emotion of frustration get the better of you, but let it be a quick reaction and not a state of mind.

It can be easy to regret what you want, but look at what you've got for a second.

Let's say you're struggling with work, family, or friends. Suppose one of them is currently not working. Then look at the other things you have going for you.

Ask yourself: do you have a good life in general? Do you appreciate what surrounds you?

You are more likely to find at least one thing in your life that you appreciate. Focus on the good and let the feeling of appreciation sink in.

6. Take back the power if you feel powerless

We like to be in control, but there's always something you can't control. It can be the weather, someone at work or a friend of ours; Which makes us feel powerless.

It would be great (and easy) if you could walk away from the situation that makes you feel powerless; unfortunately, this is not always an option.

The hard truth is that we cannot control everything. The good news is that we have the power to control some things. Try to take back power in another area of your life where you can really have a say.

Things like other people's emotions towards us and illness are two of many things that are out of our control. Don't fight a losing battle. Find something you can control.

It can be simple things like setting a fitness goal or learning a new language, or it can be bigger things like quitting your job or getting out of a toxic relationship.

You'll realize you're not powerless when you take back power somewhere where you really can.

7. Acknowledge pain or trauma from the past

Life is not fair. We are not born into the same kind of life and we are not dealt the same cards. Some may have suffered childhood trauma that we never dealt with. Others may have some pain left over from a bad experience.

The frustration of unresolved problems will lead you to feel bad without knowing why. The only way to get over it is to deal with your past.

This doesn't necessarily mean you need to spend hours with a therapist (although there are times when you might need the help of a therapist or life coach), but simply by acknowledging your pain, you can release it.

By gaining a better understanding of yourself, your emotions, and your reactions to certain situations, you will be able to let go of your frustration.

8. Face your fear

Frustration can be a reaction to fear. Fear can be something big and scary, but it can also be something small that grows.

It may have started with a small task, but by rejecting it for a long time, it becomes bigger and bigger and ends up creating fear and frustration in you. These common fears can hold you back.

The only thing you can do to combat your fear is to start taking small steps today and do what scares you the most. It's almost never as bad as we think, and afterward, you'll end up feeling free and uplifted.

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