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How the Universe Communicates with You

Things often happen around us that we feel could be a sign from the Universe. Especially when a subject worries us a lot, everything that happens to us is related to it.

But sometimes we feel a little lost. Is it a sign, a coincidence or is it just that I can't stop thinking about it?

To know if it is a message that the Universe is trying to pass on to you, you must analyze if these things happen to you.

Activating our innate abilities, the sleeping mind awakens and orients itself towards the path that we must consciously travel, a path in which, when the barriers fall and the obstacles are reduced, we can position ourselves with the flow of synchronicities.

What are synchronicities?

Synchronicities are signs throughout the course of life, veiled messages that lead us to understand the fiction of a supposed mechanistic reality structured under the domain of reason.

It is as if we were in a forest surrounded by trees that do not allow us to have a perspective to find the exit: if we managed to climb over it, we would immediately see where that path runs and how far it takes us.

This perspective that elevates us above ourselves, that we are subject to the yoke of reason, allows us with our actions to facilitate synchronicities that are favorable for us to create new paths.

Start to accept the reality

Knowing that we can change course whenever we want is something very important in life. But first, we must admit that what we are living through, whatever it is, is exactly what we should be living through.

If it were not so, we would not assume reality and we would not be able to change the course of the synchronicities that brought us here.

Clinging to the idea of how terrible what happened to us can be, that we don't deserve it or that it's not fair, is a trap for the mind, which thus remains trapped in suffering.

By assuming reality, what happens is transformed and we can move forward, leaving behind suffering and everything that caused it, consciously joining synchronicities.

You don't have to struggle with pain, fear, or doubt; it is not about overcoming them. It is usually a waste of time and effort, and many times it ends up creating the opposite effect.

You simply have to understand why they are there, what meaning they have in our lives and what we can learn from these situations.

There is a reality behind the fiction and the mind

We surpass ourselves, or rather, what we think we are, which, in general, is a fiction of the mind and the environment in which we live. So, when we overcome that fiction, we begin to see reality; things are in their place and we are in ours, and together we navigate the immense flow of synchronicities.

This is how we understand that whatever happens, what is really relevant is that we do everything in our power to understand what is happening and act accordingly.

But whether it is something favorable or not depends largely not on us, but also on multiple synchronicities.

It depends on each one of us how we position ourselves in the face of what happens, and that is what defines our life and how we live it, conscious and open to experiencing all events, or unconscious and closed to changes and vital experiences.

We have to understand that we cannot go against the synchronous movement of life and the universe.

Practice this exercise and open the door to synchronicities

Open it! If you calmly observe the world around you, you open the door to synchronicities. They can occur in large and small life events. The more aware we are of ourselves and our surroundings, the easier it will be for us to notice these synchronous events and join them.

Let's see a simple step-by-step that will help you to consciously locate yourself in your reality and that will open the door to synchronicities.

  • Step 1: Standing with your legs slightly apart and the soles of your feet planted firmly on the floor, your back straight and your head straight, close your eyes. Take a deep breath as you throw your arms back; once your lungs are full, exhale forcefully, keeping your arms extended in front of your body as if following the momentum of the sharp exhalation. You can repeat it a few times. Stay still, arms at your sides, and wait to see what happens.
  • Step 2: Your body will probably begin to move unconsciously and lightly; sometimes with rotational movements in the hip or neck, or whatever, which releases unconscious perceptual blocks that manifest in the body. Just watch what happens.
  • Step 3: The mere act of observing affects what is observed. The observer is not separate or different from the object observed in the mind. We become one with what is observed and we become participants in our life, our thoughts, and our decisions. And freed from the body and mind, synchronicities begin to appear in the events of daily life.

Enjoy This Video Tutorial About Signs, Omens & Synchronicities

Source: Leeor Alexandra

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