How to Get Up with Positive Energy Every Morning

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How to Wake Up Happy and Energized: 8 Steps

Many Law of Attraction guides notes that your activities and mood in the morning set the tone for the rest of the day.

These moods determine your vibration and manifestation potential.

If you feel energetic, optimistic, and productive, you carry that energy with you and attract more to you.

On the other hand, if you are in a bad mood or groggy, you tend to align with a vibration of lack rather than abundance.

But how can you guarantee that you will wake up happy and with positive energy? Here are 8 simple but powerful tips.

Read on to find out how to wake up happy and energized tomorrow morning!

Make it impossible to set your alarm clock

First, even when we have the best of intentions, many of us are guilty of enthusiastically setting goals one night and then ignoring the alarm the next morning.

To ensure you get up and out of bed on time, keep your alarm out of the way. Preferably keep it on the other side of the room where you'll still hear it but won't be able to mute it.

Once up and out, you'll likely stay awake and move on. This can allow you to start the day feeling alert and determined. So this is a great method if you're someone who sets 20 different alarms but ends up squashing them all!

Use daily positive affirmations

You've probably already incorporated daily affirmations into your Law of Attraction work. If you find that you wake up feeling a bit sluggish, you might benefit from reciting these affirmations right away.

Alternatively, you can create some new ones that are specifically designed to start your day off right. For example, you might try "I'm happy, energized, and ready for the day ahead" or "I feel rested, rejuvenated, and full of positivity."

Make your bed

An argument must be made for airing out your bed after a full night's sleep. If it's your mood and mindset that you're concerned about, you'll probably look a lot better if you decide to make your bed right away.

This greatly reduces the temptation to crawl back under the covers. It also makes your bed a calm and relaxing place to return to at night.

Use cold water

There's a reason cold water has such a reputation for boosting concentration and combating lethargy! Whether you splash cold water on your face right after waking up, take a cold shower, or drink ice-cold water, you'll feel more awake and mentally alert afterward.

In fact, regardless of whether you want to put cold water on your body, make sure you have at least something to drink. Most of us are at least slightly dehydrated when we wake up, which can cause slow cognition and metabolism.

Prepare a healthy breakfast

Don't be tempted to skip breakfast! In many ways, it is the most important meal of the day. Instead, do something fresh and healthy that contains vital nutrients.

Some people go for green smoothies, while others prefer to cook hot porridge or make an omelet. As long as it's good for you and gives you a good reserve of fuel for the day, you can let your personal taste dictate what you get.

Stay active

Try to exercise first thing in the morning to create positive energy for the rest of the day.

Just ten or fifteen minutes of physical exercise can make a difference!

Whether you're running, doing a dance workout, doing some yoga poses, or doing nothing before work. All of these activities get your blood pumping and endorphins flooding your system, giving you the optimistic mindset you need to succeed.

Don't forget to stretch first... You'll probably get a little stiff when you get out of bed.

Look for inspiration

A quick and easy way to improve your positive energy is to expose your mind to inspiring thoughts and ideas.

TED talks, podcasts, and Law of Attraction success stories are great examples.

The main goal here is simply to reconnect with the awareness of your own unlimited potential. Plus, they remind you how much creativity, positivity, and achievement await you in the world.

Improve your sleep

Finally, if you don't wake up with positive energy, you may be getting too little sleep... or even too much.

Sleep experts generally suggest that we aim for 7-9 hours of sleep. People vary when it comes to how much better it makes them feel.

One smart thing you can do is add another 15 minutes a day until you reach an amount of sleep that makes you feel good when you wake up.

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