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The 6 Intellectual Faculties Of The Mind

We have six mental faculties, also called higher or intellectual faculties, which have been used throughout history by humans to create everything we know of in the modern world.

The intellectual or superior faculties of the mind are what differentiate us from any animal.

They are an important part of our personality, and learning to use them correctly will allow you to have more control over what you think and feel.

Do you want to know more? In this article, you will learn about each of your mental faculties so that you can develop them too!

These six intellectual faculties act as mental muscles that elevate our personality as we develop them, and they are:

  • Perception
  • Concentration
  • Imagination
  • Memory
  • Intuition
  • Reasoning

The great intellectuals of history have developed their mental faculties more than the average person, it is one of the characteristics that differentiates geniuses from others.

1. Perception

This faculty allows you to see different points of view in the same situation.

Perception is the interpretation of sensations through a meaning, it is a person's point of view, where two people may be looking at the same thing but each one has a different opinion (good or bad). We can interpret and perceive a given topic from many points of view.

The most basic example is the glass of water that is half full, you ask one person and they will tell you that the glass is half empty and you ask another and they will tell you that it is half full. It is the same glass with the same amount of water and each one sees it differently.

Developing the sense of perception is what allows everyone to form different points of view on the same situation. We can change the way we see things, using our perception, and the things we see will change shape.

2. Concentration

It is the ability to focus on a single idea while ignoring everything around you, which can be more or less chaotic at times.

Your concentration is a faculty that allows you to focus on what you want to achieve and avoid distractions. If you focus on what you want, you will get it, and if you focus on what you don't want, you will get it too.

3. Imagination

It is one of the most powerful forces possessed by the mind.

It gives you the power to create images, within the imagination, there are no limits, you can create whatever you want, and start to imagine everything you want to achieve. Play with your imagination and use it.

Everything around you was first imagined by someone who exists on the physical plane. The fact that we can fly, someone first imagined, and then turned the image into reality.

You can do exactly the same, starting with the conscious use of your imagination to bring your ideas to life and create a life exactly the way you want.

A very common mistake that we make with the use of the imagination is to imagine everything that can go wrong, instead of imagining how we want something to happen, do not be afraid, your mind can create incredible things when you give it free rein.

4. Memory

Memory is the mind's ability to remember any information that we capture through our 5 senses or remember images that we imagine in our minds.

If we exercise this faculty we will be surprised, we all have a perfect memory, although some say no, it is not because they do not have a good memory, it is because they do not exercise it enough.

Nowadays with the use of the calculator and the reminders on the cell phone, we use our memory every day.

Memory can be very useful to remember positive moments that move you and fill you with the energy to move on, or it can serve to cling to the past and get stuck in memories that don't allow you to move forward.

5. Intuition

It is the ability to perceive the vibrations that are around you or what you should do when you are faced with a situation to which you cannot find an answer.

Your intuitive factor is a mental faculty that allows you to pick up vibrations; Capture them and then translate them into consciousness.

What some call the sixth sense is nothing more than intuition, some say that women are more intuitive than men, the truth is that we all have it equally, and only some develop it more than others.

When you walk into a room and feel a tense or relaxed atmosphere, you are using your intuition. When you can read another person like you're reading a book, knowing what they're thinking without using words, that's intuition, or like when you remember someone you haven't seen in a long time and they suddenly call out to you.

There are people with a highly developed intuition, which allows them to know which way to go.

6. Reasoning

Finally, the reason is a faculty that allows the individual to think correctly or to clarify his own point of view. This gives us the ability to take individual, original thoughts and put them together to form ideas.

In addition to having thoughts, we should not confuse the mental activity that we have every day with our ability to think.

Thinking is done with the use of the mental faculty and it is an effort for the mind, it is the conscious part of your brain that makes day-to-day decisions, being able to filter, compare, evaluate and analyze all the information that comes to it. your mind and allow us to make correct and precise decisions.

You can use it to troubleshoot and find solutions. With it, you can go beyond mere mental activity toward real thinking.

Learn to exercise your mental faculties

It is about exercising our mind and its intellectual faculties, being observant of ourselves, and knowing in depth the tools that we can use for our own benefit.

If we use these faculties to transform this negative energy that we are involved in, we will create positivity in our mind: choosing the right thought will create the feeling that will in turn establish the action that will lead us to the desired result.

Although you are already using these six gifts, it is likely that you are doing them unconsciously and well below your potential.

The first step is to learn to use them consciously and take advantage of them to guide them toward a specific goal.

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