4 Tools to Talk Back to Your Inner Self-Critic

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How to Deal With Negative Self-Talk

Has it ever happened to you that when you consider a goal or project, a negative inner voice appears that tells you that you cannot or that you are not capable of doing it?

Well, precisely that "little voice" is the one that you have to learn to defeat every day since many times it ends up paralyzing you and preventing you from acting.

It's not always easy, but learning to deal with that voice and knowing how to weaken it is the most important negotiation you have to do throughout your life.

So today we are sharing 4 powerful tools that will help you overcome your critical inner voice to achieve success.

1. Redefine your concept of "winning"

Not always having the last word or doing something more often than someone else is winning. For example, were you insulted by a driver in traffic? Do you feel good and "victorious" if you insult him more often or more aggressively?

Well, that's what we mean. When you act this way, it's that negative inner voice that takes control of your thoughts and actions, only leaving you with stress and bad memories.

That is why you need to be more emotionally intelligent since it is what really allows you to grow and act with more assertiveness.

2. Say goodbye to your comfort zone

On many occasions, we avoid getting involved in situations, whether due to shyness, laziness, fear, or looking for the easiest way, among others. Without realizing it, this is limiting us and missing out on valuable opportunities for learning and progress.

So if you try not to attend social gatherings because of the people you tend to find there, introduce yourself, say hello, and deal with them.

If you are afraid of ridicule, dare and you will see that it is a very fun experience. We know that this is not easy, but you can do it, you were made for great challenges and the great ones do extraordinary things, if it were easy anyone would do it.

Feeling uncomfortable, you will achieve a mirror effect, which consists of being able to speak the language of your interlocutor, whoever he is.

If you would like a better response from the person you are treating, please send a new message.

3. Dare to meet new people

The more people you meet, the more self-confidence and security you will have, and your skills and abilities will increase to approach others in an impressive way (carefully, non-invasively), appropriately, and leave positive memories in your interlocutors.

You may find yourself with people you don't like at first, but as we've seen, that's where your learning lies.

4. Visualize the best result who you talk to

Do you have trouble dealing with certain people in your personal or professional life? Is it hard for you to reach people?

Think that the behavior of the other may be partly a reflection of your own behavior.

Also, keep in mind that this person may also have been exposed to difficult situations of which you are not aware, whether they are family, economic, social, work relationships, etc. and your response is due to a mismanaged emotional charge.

If you show kindness, empathy, serenity, and security, there are great possibilities of receiving something similar from your interlocutor.

Try to liven up the atmosphere, talk about common tastes and more trivial things and thus they will manage to relax the atmosphere and feel more comfortable.
Don't be shipwrecked in your flaws when you can navigate in your virtues.

Normally you see your interlocutor as you are and not as he is, reflect on that.

By applying these tips together, you will grow more as a person, and the little voice will be heard less and less.

We are governed to a greater or lesser extent by that little voice within, and it is up to you to detect and defeat it whenever you can.

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